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Founder Story

“Have to Go Through Something Others Cannot See Yet is Hard – But That Will Be The Reason Why I Win In The Long Run.” – Richard Hartono

Everyone starts somewhere, and for me I started out as someone who has been trusted by my peers to accomplish so many different things especially when it comes to industry.

I started my journey in my high school, IPEKA Puri Indah Christian School as someone who was trusted to lead IPEKA Puri Photography Club. I also started Palaone Studios as a Co-Founder with my Partner, Alvin Harjanto. With that, I won 2 Photography Competition: 1st Place @ SMAK Penabur 4 and 2nd Place @ SMAK Penabur 6 under IPEKA Puri Photography Club and 5 Short Film Competition: 1st Place @ SMAK Penabur 1, 1st Place @ IPEKA Puri, 1st Place @ Tunas Muda, 1st Place @ Tiara Kasih, and 1st Place @ SMAK Penabur 1 under Palaone Studios. I believe the reason we won that time is the capability to compliment each other especially in the short film competition. While others have not seen audio as an important matter, we saw it as an opportunity to win the competition. In the Photography Club, I was especially blessed with a capable committee, so that I could see and utilize their strength in the specific place that they are good at to win the competition and overall, there are 6 1st place winner in IPEKA Puri Photography Club during my leadership.

I was also trusted to lead SKIPI News, a website that will soon have ticketing system, live chat, and many other features for SKIPI Color Run; mind you that I was still in high school with zero experience in the programming world. I learned in 3 months to build a website that has only Rp. 150.000 budget and we successfully developed and released it on time. Besides that, I was also the Head of Ticketing Division, Head of Multimedia Division for Performing Arts, and Speaker at Photography Workshop that was held in Lippo Mall Puri. Therefore, even until today I was still being trusted with so many things by my school. For example, I was trusted twice to lead the Graduation Production for the Senior High School in 2021 and 2023, I was trusted twice to be the jury of Photography Competition, and even twice to be the Speaker in my High School.

From that trust building events, 4 years later, after I have worked at PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk as a Front-End Website Developer and did some freelance opportunity with PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama, Tbk., PT. Alam Sutera Realty, Tbk., PT. Garuda Totalindo Jaya, and PT. Rombak Pola Pikir. I was appointed by my friend to be the Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer and we built an Agency together named PT. Seiso Esa Indosolusi. In there, I have managed 18 brands: PT. Peduli Alam Nusantara, Servus Chrome, PT. Sinar Selaras Lestari Alumninium, Surya Painting 18, PT. Jaya Transtama Internusa, Rapid e-Suite Pte. Ltd., Meta Buildtech, Blu by BCA Digital, Hunger Gems Festival, Locarasa, Soto Ludi, Sapi Kotak, Kwetiau Arang Simpur, PT. Adiwarna Pratama Indonesia, PT. Tata Sarana Mandiri, Matchamu, BCT Music, CV. Kerbau Laut, and Tiara Sutan Racing which has helped them with their digital presence. But along the way, I believe that I have a higher calling to build something of my own. That’s why I quit and build my own agency: PT. RHP Cipta Digital.

Who We Are

A Step Into Monumental Success

At RHP, we understand that small steps are what lay the foundation for monumental success. Whether you’re a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) or a large corporation, we’re here to fuel your digital growth revolution. With a dedicated team of carefully selected experts, we bring a wealth of experience, having managed over 30 diverse brands. Our managing partner, with a background as a Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer, ensures that we excel in both the creative and technical domains.

This is Our Process

Reflecting Human Progress is RHP

Our company is built under the belief Reflecting Human Progress or RHP. We believe that you can reach your highest potential when you reflect on your progress as a human. Understand the perspective of a customer; thereby develop a perfect journey by making a seamless go-to market strategy.

A Dream is Established Through Collaboration

To achieve that, we must collaborate. We bring our expertise to the table, complementing your vision and industry knowledge. Together, we conjure up extraordinary outcomes that propel your business to new heights.

Our Wide Range Portofolio

Our proud portfolio boasts an impressive array of works for over 30 satisfied clients. Our extensive expertise encompasses Creative Web Development, Custom Product Development, UI/UX Design, Branding, E-Commerce Solutions, Booking Systems, Event Ticketing Systems, 360 Virtual Tours, SEO and SEM Services, Meta Ads, Social Media Management, Event Photography, Sweet 17 Photography, Wedding Photography, Company Profile Production, Training Video Production, TVC Production, Web Series Production, and so much more.

Join Our Journey and Be A Part of Something Amazing

Join hands with RHP, and let’s have some fun along the journey that transforms your business, captivates your audience, and secures your place at the forefront of your industry. Choose RHP for your creative advertising digital transformation partner – the future of your success starts here.

Our Clients